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Youngsville, La. Three Brothers Farm has been in our family since 1944, and has been operated as a family farm continually since then. We are the third owner of this land since 1890 and raise sugarcane. We produce raw sugar with no additives or preservatives. In 1997, we began producing all-natural fig preserves, selling at the Crescent City Farmers Market in New Orleans. Then in 2005 Hurricane Rita came ashore. For 22 hours, our farm, 14 miles from the Gulf, was hit with salt rain. From that point, we were able to produce only enough figs to supply one restaurant. Since then, we have begun producing raw sugar, grown on our farm. Our FDA approved kitchen is now used exclusively to "scrub" raw sugar. During harvest, the cane is cut and hauled to the grinding mill. After milling, the raw sugar is returned to the farm kitchen, but is not yet a "food product". We only clean, grade and package the sugar. There is no refining of this sugar! We supply raw sugar to several of New Orleans' better known restaurants and to each of New Orleans' three food co-ops. Up next, we hope to make available our natural molasses, and a raw simple syrup for use in beverages. A greater challenge appearing on our horizon is the making of raw sugar cubes!


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We offer Certified Cajun raw sugar, available by mail order from our website, or phone 337.781.1554 to place an order. WE NOW HAVE FRESH, NATURAL, RAW SUGAR, FROM OUR FARMS, IN 5 GALLON, 1/2 gallon, quart and 1-lb containers. F.O.B. farm. Call for pricing. Raw sugar available year round.

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Hollygrove Market & Farm, New Orleans ;

Raw sugar in five-gallon pails

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We recently just purchased some fresh Raw Sugar from Three Bothers Farms who mainly supplies the New Orleans Restaurants with fresh local sugar! They offer 5 Gallon and Half Gallon jugs of some of the best tasting Raw Sugar around!... [more]

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