Three Dog Farm

We are a small farmstead located just outside of Statesville, established in 2004, consisting of the farm and an art studio. We raise true free range chickens for egg production, manure for fertilizer, and vital members of the farm family.

In the coming months and years we will be offering pastured eggs for sale, seasonal produce, an autumn pumpkin patch, fresh Christmas trees grown & cut on our property, and practical farm workshops including: chicken keeping, growing produce on a small scale, natural crafts, and more.

Listing last updated on Nov 10, 2013

Eggs, produce, and a lot of heart!

Schedule and Location:

Please contact us if you would like to purchase eggs or order them from our local harvest store.

Until the summer crops are ready for harvest, we will be taking egg orders for pick up only. The honor stand will re-open with produce and eggs soon.

Please be sure to visit our Facebook and/or blog for updates on the farm stand hours. They may change according to the weather, etc!

We're located at 852 Old Mountain Road Statesville, NC.

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Farm Update - May 2013


Summer is just around the corner, even if the weather makes you think otherwise. I'm excited to see just how many pints of blackberries and blueberries we'll harvest this year. The wet winter and easy Spring seem to have been good to them, and, along with some poultry powered cultivation and fertilization, we look to have a very nice harvest in a few more weeks.... [more]

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