Thunder Mountain Alpaca Ranch

Thunder Mountain Alpaca Ranch sits at the far southern edge of the Huachuca Mountains overlooking the beautiful San Pedro River valley.

We started our ranch in 2010 with five foundation females and two herdsires, and we currently live and play with fourteen beautiful Huacaya alpaca (and three babies due by October). They are all lovingly cared for every day and watched over at night by our livestock guardians, "White Lightning" (also known as Freckles), "Daisy" and "Bianca" (who also guards the peacocks, chickens, goats, and a barn cat).

We shear our alpaca once a year (in late April or early May) and sort the fleeces by color and quality. The very best couple of fleeces make the rounds at fiber shows for several months collecting winning ribbons, and then are returned to us for sale and processing.

Colors for 2014 include light biege, light fawn, medium fawn, chocolate brown, true black, bay black, and three of the most beautiful rose-greys. These fibers are natural colors, and will not fade like dyed fibers. The natural colors also accept dyes well, so you can create your own colors.

All of our fleeces are available for sale (unprocessed) if you order before or immediately after shearing. Customers may visit the ranch at any time of year to select and reserve specific fleeces, which will then be collected and delivered at shearing time. Prices for raw blanket (prime) fleece are $3/oz or $45/lb for fleece, and $2.00/oz or $25/lb for leg and neck fiber.

Once monsoon starts (usually early July), we begin to process the fleeces. We tumble the fleeces to remove dust and vegetable matter, then we hand wash the fleeces in fresh Thunder Mountain rain water, air dry them, and put them through our drum carder to produce roving batts. Washed and Carded Roving sells for $4/oz or $60/lb.

Some of the fleeces are packaged and sent to a professional fiber mill to be made into yarn and returned to us. Finished 100% alpaca yarn sells for $8-$9/oz.

For a LIMITED TIME, starting in July each year, we have Peacock Feathers for sale in our store, and at the Farmer's Market. Full feathers sell for $4 each or six for $20. Call to arrange for shipping - these guys are almost five feet long!

We also sell AWESOME alpaca socks, hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, finger puppets, felted soaps and alpaca plush toys- from our ranch store and a couple times a month at either the Bisbee or Sierra Vista Farmer's Market.


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ALPACA SHARES (NEW!) - If you'd love to have an alpaca, but don't have the facilities, we offer "alpaca shares" - you can choose your animal, purchase a 1/8 to full share - and receive your share of the fleece harvest from that animal at the end of the year. Alpaca shareholders also receive free fertilizer from their alpaca, and visit any time. Shares are $40 per 1/8 share; mix/match different animals if you like. RANCH VISITS - call to schedule yours ALPACA FERTILIZER - Made fresh daily

Schedule and Location:

Please call the ranch if you want to be sure I'm at the markets below - I am currently spending more time at home due to birthing season. Generally, this is the schedule I try to keep when I'm able:

Sierra Vista Farmer's Market
Veteran's Memorial Park
1st Thursday of the month

Sierra Vista Community Market
Hwy 90 and Charleston Road
3rd Saturday of the month

Bisbee Farmer's Market
Warren Park
First Saturdays of the month

Schedule and Location:

Alpaca Manure makes AWESOME fertilizer.

U-Pick up, I'll help shovel

Call for availability, pricing and a pick-up appointment - 520-366-5579

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