We are a family farm in southeast South Dakota. We primarily raise sheep and hogs. We also raise Angora rabbits, chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks and peafowl. We have a family milk cow and two pet llamas. We welcome visitors (please call ahead) and farm tours. We can plan activities for groups for preschool, elementary and high school. We process and spin our own wool products into yarns; make our own goat milk soap; and turn our cow's milk into butter, cheese and ice cream.

Our sheep are pastured all summer and then fed alfalfa harvested from our own fields during the winter. We generally start lambing around Christmas and finish up by the end of March. We do vaccinate our ewes and lambs with CD&T (to prevent tetanus and over-eating disease). We only use antibiotics when failure to do so would result in the loss of a ewe or her lambs. We raise Merinos, Cotswold, Finn crosses and Suffolk crosses.

Our hogs are mixed breeds and chosen to fare well on pasture. We do not vaccinate and use antibiotics only to prevent the loss of a sow and/or her piglets. Our pigs free range on pasture until they are weaned and sold. During winter, they are fed our fine quality alfalfa hay.

Our goal is to market the highest quality products raised as naturally as possible, and to enjoy ourselves while we are doing it.


Listing last updated on Aug 8, 2006

A South Dakota family farm producing fine wools and naturally raised pork, lamb and mutton.

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