Tick Flick'r

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Tick Flick'r

Used to treat and repel ticks. For use on people, dogs and horses. Comes with a sprayer for easy application.

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When applying to people spray on pant legs, shoes or boots, arms and around head. (This product does contain oils and could possible stain fabric). When applying on dogs or horses use weekly or more if necessary. Made without chemicals or pesticides.

Shake well and apply between the shoulder blades and on the belly once a week. If your dog runs and is more prone to ticks you will want to reapply more often. Make sure you rub it into their skin well. This bottle will last for quite awhile. You can apply it and leave it on there collars as well. You don't need a lot, very effective. Made with witch hazel, water, wheat germ oil, neem oil, and a proprietary blend of organic essential oils including cedarwood.

Also very effective feed your dog minced garlic and a nutritional yeast or a brewers yeast with their meal once a day. These two products used with Tick Flick'r help with keeping ticks and fleas away.

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All natural hand salves, herbal tinctures, lip balms, deodorants, and more; made with only the best organic ingredients.