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The current farming project is a pilot study in simplicity, home economics and community service. It is to enter into an active dialogue as a means for sharing inquiry into sustainable living and interrelationship between individuals, community and nature.

The beauty of microeconomics, or cottage industry, resides in the fact that with only a small amount of money, much can be done in the way of helping people to become self-reliant, to maintain dignity and to meet the basic needs for themselves and their families. We know all too well what happens when people, for example in Latin America, are forced off their land and into the crowded cities where the conditions of poverty include crime, violence, various forms of pollution and the economic slavery of exploitative companies.

In essence, to work in the community service projects, sustainability and interrelationship must become an integral part of our own lifestyles as we meet our basic needs, and value the time and energy necessary for creating quality of life in various ways or forms, such as: education, art, multicultural experience, camaraderie, preservation of culture, harmony with nature and spiritual practice. Vocation, as devotional social work is the same, while we assist others to become more self-sufficient and even to experience happiness, we realize that we are no different than they. Ideally, it is to follow a Gandhian model of working selflessly, where the helper and helped are not seen as separate.


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Santa Fe Farmer's Market

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