We are now getting ready for the 2010 season. This year we are doing the pastured raised chickens, ducks, pork, and beef. All of our meat products are all naturally without growth hormones. We are also growing orgranic produce mostly GREEN BEANS. We are looking for local interns who are interested in learning where thier food comes from if interested feel free to contact us.

Listing last updated on Dec 8, 2010

Pre- order your Pasture Raised Chickens now!!!!!!!!!!

Schedule and Location:

The Abingdon Farmers Market is going to reopen April 18th. Contact us if you need a product.
Abingdon farmers market on Saturdays 7-12 and tuesdays 4-7. We will soon be doing Marion Farmers market also on saturdays 8-12

Schedule and Location:

call first for availability and times

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If you haven't tried William and Jessica's chickens, you are missing out on Abingdon Markets best tasting chicken. Their sausage, pork, and beef cuts are also quite delightful.... [more]

I met the Tilsons at the Abingdon Farmers Market and have bought a number of their pastured pork products and simply loved them! Though I have not had the opportunity to enjoy there beef, I have been told by reliable sources that it is to die for.... [more]

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Washington Farmers Coop in Abingdon, VA are hosting chick days.  On April 19th or 20th we will have day old chicks at the store.  The line up includes White Leghorns,  Araucanas, Golden Comets, Buff Orpingtons, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Speckle Sussex, Black Giant Jerseys, and Rhode Island Reds.... [more]

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