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Tiny Forest is primarily a private Buddhist hermitage. After a three year spiritual journey around the world, I have returned to the land as friend and farmer sharing this space with the life that roams here, wild or domestic, the soil and its beneficent communities of organisms.Voluntarily simple, earth-loving and compassion- based approach to farming and eating which wholistically and responsibly stewards a tiny slice of our Earth.

After deep consideration and several master's level agricultural classes, I have decided that my hens and herd will not receive non-gmo/organic feed. The cost is too high for this small producer. My animals are raised without routine medicines or steroids but they eat commercial feed like Purina 2% Flock Raiser and whole corn. I would like to one day receive Humane certification.

Fresh brown eggs by the dozen (byoc) from a pasture-raised flock. Offering four Herd shares for Goat milk (spring) 2015

Listing last updated on Dec 18, 2014

Fresh brown eggs from free ranging hens. $3.00 / dozen Goat milk herd share available for 2015. $27.00 per share $4.00 1/2 gallon. $7.00 1 gallon

Schedule and Location:

Off the farm at 3585 Glendale Road Adamsville.
Please call first.

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