U-Pick Blueberries. One of the best Fruits there is. A healthy food, that can be picked while you have great family fun. We also provide retail blueberries on our farm stand. Our motto is "We grow 'em sweet". Our blueberry plants are just starting to come in to full production. Our customers have said, "These are the biggest, sweetest, berries I have picked!" We have 1800 Blueberry plants, and about 1600 are mature. We want families to come and pick at our farm, and start a family tradition of good fun. Children of all ages are welcome. We want our farm to be a place where families can come and enjoy themselves. Each bush has slightly different flavored berries, so we encourage our customers to taste as much as they want, to make sure they get the best they can. You will have to call to see when we are open, (usually between July 15th or so, and the third week in August). We open a little later then most U-picks, to make sure the berries are ripe and sweet.

Listing last updated on Mar 20, 2013

Schedule and Location:

7 counties Farmers Market in Oswego, NY:
Tuesdays 9 am to 1 pm

Schedule and Location:

We are open 7 days a week from 8 am to 7 pm. We ask patrons to call for picking conditions.

Schedule and Location:

Right out in front of the Barn on Route 17C, in Barton, NY.

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I usually get my whole years supply here by picking for a couple of hours on Saturdays throughout the summer. They are good at letting you know how the season is going.

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