Tomato - Homestead Heirloom

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Tomato - Homestead  Heirloom

These are nice disease resistant tomatoes. They set on a little later than others. We will plant them again.

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Welcome Tomato - Homestead Heirloom tomatoes such as the Homestead variety, grow from seeds with long histories of farm-growing and hand-breeding. Heirloom plants grow tomatoes with viable seeds and have reputations for sweeter, juicier and more tasteful fruit. Homestead tomato plants produce large fruit -- weighing up to 8 ounces each -- when provided the right combination of heat, moisture and nutrition.

Plant at a soil temp of 75-75 degrees. Seed depth: 1/4" Transplant to: 15-24" Row spacing: 36-48" Days to Germination: 7-14 Harvest days: 75-90 For earlier plants sow indoors a few weeks before last frost.

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