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In addition to stabling horses at Too Far Out Farm, we raise German/English Angora cross rabbits. These bunnies require frequent grooming and a clean habitat, so be prepared to form a relationship with these animals as you care for them. They must not be caged, fed, watered and then forgotten. Angora rabbits depend on you and in return, you'll experience the tiny tickle of a wiggly nose or soft bunny kiss on your skin. Learn to spin their fine wool into luxurious yarn for weaving, knitting or crocheting. Everyone on the farm has a Godly purpose. Come discover yours by contacting us for a FREE farm tour, for Angora wool availability or to purchase your very own Angora wool producer, a TFO Farm Angora bunny.

Listing last updated on Mar 8, 2013

Shown here is our Blue Eyed White (BEW) buck at about two months old. Our Angora rabbits make lovable pets, plus they produce amazing wool for spinning. Did you know that an Angora's wool is seven times warmer than sheep's wool? You'll fall in love with the affectionate nature of these adorable creatures and in terms of expense, rabbits are easy keepers.

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