We raise Norwegian Fjordhorses, a wonderful, distinctive breed with a fascinating history. They are most suitable for trail riding, driving and farm work, but their versatility is remarkable. Come visit us and meet this unusual breed.

We also have a lovely flock of wheaten Ameraucana chickens. We are now getting their blue and blue-green eggs for hatching selling for $5 apiece or $40 a dozen +shipping with no guarantees. We have roosters and laying hens for sale for $35-$45 for ones out-of-standard and $75 for ones who are growing up to be in-standard for the breed. All are beautiful birds. Allowing for the season I will have unsexed chicks for sale for $7 apiece. Cockerels $25. Pullets $30. All birds are pick up only. Ameraucana roosters have the chance of producing Easter Egger chicks with any hen or Olive Egger chicks with a dark brown egg laying hen.

5/30/2011 We have one lovely wheaten Easter Egger rooster for sale. He is from excellent Ameraucana lines and has wonderful beard and muffs, rich red and irredescent black feathers and willow colored legs. $25 We have 30+ fertile eggs ready to set for sale. I am selling these as Easter Eggers but most of them should be Ameraucana. My wonderful partridge colored Easter Egger hen, and two willow legged birds were in the flock . $4 apiece. $20 for six. $40 a dozen. No shipping eggs at this time - too hot here in AL.

Oh ... and please call instead of email. My email is down atm.


Listing last updated on May 30, 2011

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