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The Top of the World Farm is the Sanders family. Our parents had seven children and now we're all grown up. Most of us still live on or around the farm and help out. There are now around fifteen farmers from 50+ down to 6 months old here at any given time.

We raise Scottish Highland Cattle, Khatadin and Dorper Sheep, and a variety of heritage and heritage-cross pigs. We also finish Southpoll cattle for grassfed beef. In the warm months, we raise chickens Salatin-style for pastured poultry.

We sell our beef, pork, lamb and chickens by the cut or in bulk. You can order anytime from our website or by calling. Email or call anytime for a price list.

We welcome you to come out and visit our farm anytime to learn how we raise all these critters for your table. We feed nothing to our cattle and sheep but the fresh grass and hay that our little farm offers. Our pigs live in the fields or woods and we feed them and our chickens certified non-gmo feed from Hiland Naturals.

Our animals are hormone and antibiotic free. They receive no steroids or chemical wormers.

While we are not certified organic, our land has had no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers applied for nearly 20 years. Currently we are using compost tea applications to improve the health of our soil and grass.

We also sell family milk cows. We raise Jersey cows and sell young, unbred heifers, bred heifers, and milking cows. We normally have several of these milk cows for sale.

Check out our website if you'd like and come visit anytime. We'll be happy to give you a tour of the farm and let you try your hand at milking a cow or chasing a pig.


Listing last updated on Apr 14, 2014

We are THE spot for heritage crosses! We have been working for several years with Old Spots, Large Blacks, Tamworths, Red Wattles, Ossabaws, and Mulefoots and have developed pigs that really thrive outdoors. We always have a few for sale. Call or email anytime!

We sell retail, direct to the general public.

Here's how you can get our delicious meats -

MEMPHIS - We sell exclusively through our buying club. It
costs $99/year. We deliver 4 times a year,
give you first pick of our products and free
NASHVILLE - We team up with another farm who delivers
on Mondays and Thursdays to central drop
locations in the Nashville area.
OTHER AREAS - We can ship Fed Ex, you are welcome
to come to our farm, or work out a
meeting point with us elsewhere.

Give us a call or email us. We'll be happy to work something out.

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Just had some of Top of the World Farm's grass-fed beef. It made the best tasty and healthy hamburgers out there! Thank you for providing this very important and valuable product!

TOTWF has great products. I've been buying their chickens for two or three years now and they're great! The Sanders family are very friendly and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them!

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