Tosh's Heritage Farm is dedicated to raising animals in such a way that is beneficial to the environment, instead of harmful. We view our animals not as machines, but as biodynamical harvesters of sunlight. Our products - Fresh Goat Milk First and foremost, we guarantee our goat milk to have no goaty flavor. The secret is in our chilling process. Unlike cow milk, goat milk requires much faster chilling time, otherwise, it absorbs flavors. If you have a lactose intolerance, and want to drink milk, but couldn't because you simply couldn't stand the taste of goat milk, well, now is your chance! Fed completely on forage/hay, with grain supplement. Grassfed Lamb All-natural lamb meat, raised out on pasture, absolutely no grain feeding, except to move from paddock to paddock, and during stressful times. Sold whole, $8.00 per pound. Cuts also available. See website for more info. Grassfed Beef Much healthier for you than store meat, with a better flavor to boot! Unlike store beef, our beef is 100% pasture fed. Store meat is from animals raised on pasture, however, they are then shipped to a CAFO, or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation. The name describes it aptly; they are packed in there tight, and fed strictly on grain, which has negative impacts on their digestive system. They are then packed, and sold to you, the final consumer, at a high price. Beef butchered at USDA certified processor. Beef sold whole, and also in halves and quarters. Buy whole beef, on hoof, for $1.00 per pound. Processed halve of beef, $2.10 per pound. Processed quarter of beef, $2.35 per pound. Buying a quarter saves money, and can more easily fit into a chest freezer. Freerange Eggs Free range eggs taste so good, you'll never want to go to anything else. A firm, vibrantly orange yolk speaks volumes. Much better for you, and more nutrient dense than conventional (store-bought) eggs. They have been found to have: * 1�??¢?¯?¿?½??¯?¿?½?3 less cholesterol * 1�??¢?¯?¿?½??¯?¿?½?4 less saturated fat * 2�??¢?¯?¿?½??¯?¿?½?3 more vitamin A * 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids * 3 times more vitamin E * 7 times more beta carotene (NOTE: Individual practices and chickens will give varying degrees of nutrition) Sold for $1.50 per dozen. Delivery We offer delivery to Cabool and Mt. Grove, MO, for a fee. Contact for more info.


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