Trautman Family Farm

Welcome to our organic family grass Farm, located 10 minutes from Madison WI and 5 minutes off I90. Our intense focus on soil fertility and remineralizing our soil has resulted in nutrient dense forages and grains for our Grassfed beef, Pastured Poultry, Pork and eggs.

We also carry excellent quality butter and cheeses from other dedicated organic farmers.

Eggs: You will find none better: rich, orange yolked eggs. Broilers: We are proud to use label rouge birds, with top quality organic feed and pasturing for great taste. Pork: Pastured, organic feed. You don't like pork? You don't like bad pork. Try ours. Grassfed Beef: Our customers tell us they've tasted none better. Come see the difference! We welcome you to see why our foods taste so great, and are so great for you.

Ask us about our 100% grassfed organic dairy.

Listing last updated on Jan 28, 2009

Located conveniently near Madison WI, our certified organic (MOSA) family farm features the very finest quality Grassfed Beef, Pastured Pork, Pastured Poultry and Awesome Eggs, and ask about our 100% Grassfed Dairy! We'd love to have you come to our farm and see for yourself the difference happy healthy animals on balanced remineralized soils makes.

Thanks for your interest -- Scott, Julie, Ian, Quinn & Lilly Trautman

Schedule and Location:

Wednesdays 5pm-8pm
Saturdays 9am-noon
Anytime with a call ahead!

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Every few months, we send an evite to our circle of friends that we will be heading down to the Trautmans ourselves and encouraging them to place orders that we can pick up and deliver to our friends.... [more]

I have known the Trautmans and purchased products from them over the course of the past two years. I cannot say enough about the incredible dedication of this young farm family and their commitment to excellence.... [more]

I ordered 1/4 beef in the fall. My family has enjoyed every cut; the roasts and steaks are incredibly tender and flavorful, and even the gound beef tasted way better that anything you'd find in a grocery.... [more]

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