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Genetic pollution from GM crops. Pesticide drift. The "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico. If you don't think that American agriculture should be causing these problems, then don't buy pork from animals fed conventional grain! At Treble Ridge Farm, a certified organic second-generation farm in the beautiful Sheepscot River Valley of Maine, we feed our pigs Maine-grown, certified organic grain. No harmful pesticides. No GMOs. No chemical fertilizers. For pork that is TRULY NATURAL and TRULY LOCAL, all the way from the soil to the plate.

At Treble Ridge Farm, we believe that happy pigs taste better. Our pigs are raised in small groups in movable pens, with plenty of room to run around and engage in natural behaviors like rooting and playing. We move them onto fresh pasture every week in spring, summer, and fall and plant vegetable crops where they were previously pastured. Because we spend time getting our animals used to human contact, they remain calm during all handling and transport. These practices result in pork of the highest possible quality, with a rich, old-fashioned taste, tender texture, and just the right amount of fat for both flavor and health. You'll never want to eat supermarket pork again.

We generally carry a standard assortment of pork sausages and cuts (see sidebar for availability and pricing), but other cuts are available by chance or by special order. Special orders require advance notice of a couple of months to ensure availability. We also offer cut-to-order hogs year-round if you want to fill your freezer with delicious organic pork at the lowest possible price.

We grow produce primarily for our wholesale markets but may have certain items available through the season. In 2011 we will be growing onions, day-neutral strawberries (available July-September), pumpkins of all sizes (jack-be-little, pie, jack-o-lantern). winter squash, cabbage, and broccoli.

We grow more and more grain every year - mostly to help satisfy our pigs' appetites, but when we have a food-grade crop we do have a facility available to us to process grains for human consumption. Right now we have high-protein, freshly ground whole wheat bread flour available.

We also sell hay out of the field June through September for $2.50 to $4.00 per bale. Hay is available out of the barn in the winter and we can deliver loads of up to 300 bales year-round.

Farm tours are available on request.


Listing last updated on Feb 22, 2012


Half & Whole Hogs, cut to order: $4.50/lb hanging, including all processing Organic Cased Sausages (7 varieties available): $9/lb Bacon made w/ Organic Pork: $9/lb Boneless Loin Chops: $9/lb Tenderloins: $12/lb Ribs: $5/lb

Strawberries $5/quart or $4/10 quarts Mini Pumpkins $0.50/ea Pie Pumpkins $3/ea Jack-o-Lanterns $5-$10/ea (depending on size class) Winter Squash $1/lb Cabbage $1/lb Broccoli $2/

Schedule and Location:

Camden (May-Oct) Saturdays 9-12 Wednesdays 3:30-6
Rockland (May-Oct) Thursdays 9-12
Hallowell (June-Oct) Sundays 11-3
Topsham Grange (Nov-Apr) Saturdays 9-1

Schedule and Location:

Please e-mail us to get a cutsheet for cut-to-order hogs. For smaller quantities of pork, or for produce, please call ahead.

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