Treffynnon Farm

We are former city folks who moved to our 120 year old farmstead to raise our own food. We believe in natural, sustainable methods and use no chemicals on our plants nor on our animals.

We raise our animals humanely and in a sustainable manner on organic SOY FREE feed and pasture on our five-acre farm. All our animals have free run of the pasture and pond except at night when we lock them in their houses for safety. We follow similar methods as suggested by the Weston A. Price Foundation and our grandparents.

Listing last updated on Jun 3, 2014

UPDATE SUMMER 2014--due to health and family issues as well as upcoming travel, we are downsizing. Currently we do not have extra produce, eggs or meat of any kind. When that changes we will update here.

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I have not been fortunate enough to purchase poultry products from Sally and Barry to date, but had a tour of their farm earlier in the month and left greatly inspired.... [more]

My favorite local farm with the highest quality most nutrient dense food.

Sally and Barry have done an awesome job with their farm. For a long time it has been my secret that I only divulged to a few special people for fear they would run out of their amazing food before I had a chance to get my orders in.... [more]

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