Our Family Farm naturally raises Black Angus and Angus cross. Pasture, hay and grain fed. No hormones or antibiotics. Sold by the quarter, half or whole

Listing last updated on Apr 3, 2010

Custom cut and vacumed sealed at Jerome Country Market. $l.85 hanging weight and $.39lb for processing.

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I have been buying beef from the Triple T Farm for about a year and a half now...the quality of the beef is second to none we have 9 children here the all love the beef we not only save money but were getting alot better tasting beef `and the meat is whole lot healther for you i plan on to continue to get our beef from the ttt ranch. its a 5 star

We recently purchased a side of beef from Triple T Farm and everything has been wonderful. So far, we have had NY Strip steaks, Tenderloins, Barbecued Chuck Roast, Siroin Tip Roast, Beef Stew, Good Ole Hamburgers and countless other ground beef dishes! The meat tastes clean and like what well raised beef is supposed to taste like.... [more]

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