We enjoy the personal side of selling what we raise and take great care to tend and provide for our animals to produce a healthy, delicious, and safe food for your family. We use common sense farming and animal husbandry practices and that's why we don't need to use any feed additives like hormones or antibiotics to keep our animals healthy and growing. Our farm can supply a variety of your grocery needs!

The average pound of food travels 2,000 miles until it reaches your home. So much for fresh. Not very long ago, local farmers supported their community's need for food and it was common for people to go directly to the farm to get milk, eggs, and meat. This was eventually replaced with the supermarket shopping experience, and soon consumers had no connection with the food they ate. With less than 2% of Americans now involved with farming, people are once again seeking that relationship with the farm and their food. We are providing you with that connection to our farm. We take pride in our farm, our products, and our way of life. Stop by and visit our farm anytime and learn exactly where your food comes from or contact us to ask for our brochure. Isn't it a comfort to know that your food has the same address as you!


Listing last updated on Oct 1, 2004

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