Tucker Hill Farm is a pasture based farm that has been free of any chemical use, for any purpose, since 1994. The meat of a ruminant animal that is 100% grassfed is high in Omega 3. Our Katahdin Lamb and Angus Beef have been tested by Dr. Tilak Dhiman at SkaggsNutrition Lab at Utah State. The lamb Omega 6:3 ratio is .5-1, the beef is 1:1.

We raise Katahdin Hair Sheep and lamb on pasture in May, Black Angus Cows calve on pasture in June, the pastured poultry - chickens available June-Sept. and turkeys(both heritage and white) are available in Oct., the pastured Black Beauty and Rhode Island Red laying hens spend the winter in a hoop house, summer on pasture and supply brown eggs all year.

We purchase weaned pigs and fatten them outside as they turn our compost. When finished composting this compost and the finished compost from the bedding from the winter hay feeding of calves and sheep is spread on the pastures and gardens.

We use no commercial feed, antibiotics, or hormones for any of our animals. The poultry feed has organic soy meal and non GMO corn both purchased from farmers in Nebraska.

We direct market all our products from the farm. The poultry is processed on farm and the lamb, beef and pork is processed by local USDA processors or custom processors that the customer chooses. We deliver the animals to the processors and the customer picks up the meat from the processor. Shipping is available.

A Tucker Hill Farm letter is sent out every Spring with the current year schedule and products available.

Please contact us if you want further information or are in the area and wish a farm tour


Listing last updated on Mar 24, 2006

Grassfed/finished Angus beef and Katahdin lamb. We have had our meat nutritionally tested. The Lamb Omega 6:3 ratio is .5-1. the beef is 1:1. The tests were done by the Skaggs Nutrition Lab at Utah State University, Dr. Tilak Dhiman.

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