Turkey - Dressed 10 to 25 pounds

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Turkey - Dressed 10 to 25 pounds

Narragansett turkeys which we hope will be between 10 and 25 pounds this fall.

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This year we have raised Narragansett turkeys which we hope will be between 10 and 25 pounds this fall. These birds have been yard birds all year. They are free range, pastured birds. They have been fed locally sourced grain including some organic grains when available and affordable. They have been supplemented with sunflower seeds, which they love, in a effort to keep them out of the neighbors bird feeders!

These are heritage breed turkeys and will not be as large as a commercial grocery store turkey. Please call or e-mail to inquire about availability and arrange a delivery date if you want a bird that is frsh never frozen. We currently have only one bird left it is frozen.

We are also raising a mixed heritage breed bird that has been selected from Spanish Black, Holland White, and the native North Eastern Wild Turkey. However, due to predation we are not able to offer any of these birds for the table this year. We hope to have some to offer next year.

Call the farm for availability (607) 898-9050 We do offer one dressed turkey a year to our CSA members.

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