Turkey Eggs - NON Fertile Broad Breasted Bronze

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Turkey Eggs - NON Fertile Broad Breasted Bronze

We currently have Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey eggs. They are for non hatching purposes only.

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I bought a male and female broad breasted bronze, hoping for little babies. I then found out that because of their size, they can not breed. So we are getting about a dozen eggs every week and a half. Henrietta is a very happy turkey. She is free range during the spring, summer and fall. During the winter her and Thomas spend their winters in their house where it is warm. They are given free ration grain and 16% layer feed...with good alfalfa and fresh water daily. Both Henrietta and Thomas will live out their lives on our farm, never fearing that someday they will be invited to our supper table.

Buyer pays shipping cost. Eggs may be picked up at the farm or can make arrangements to meet for locals.