Turkey Foot Ranch has raised and sold all natural grass fed beef for over 17 years. Our cattle grow on sunshine, green grass, fresh air and clean water; nothing artificial added. Our beef is lean and nutrient dense for your health; grown without hormones, antibiotics or pesticides; clean and sustainable for the environment; never confined in a feed lot; grown and processed locally. The name Turkey Foot comes from the common name for Big Bluestem and Eastern Gamagrass which are high quality grasses found in our "Prairie Buffet" we utilize to finish our cattle. Turkey Foot Ranch has been recognized as a Clean Water Farm and a Stream Steward due to our efforts to protect water quality in our local watershed. Beef is available year round by the cut, bundle, or by the side. Visit www.turkeyfootranch.com for pricing and order information.

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Turkey Foot Ranch is utilized as a demonstration farm/ranch to showcase sustainable and humane methods of livestock production. Farmer/rancher field days as well as customer tours are a regular event designed to encourage others to adopt these practices and also to give customers a connection to their food source.

Schedule and Location:

Winfield Farmers Market - 7AM to 11:30AM
Wichita Kansas Grown Farmers Market, - 7AM to Noon

We attend the Winfield and Wichita Markets on alternating Saturdays from April thru Oct.

Beef is sold by the cut and as sides. Sides (1/4, 1/2 or whole beef) are processed each month of the year at Stroot locker(State Inspected) in Mulvane, KS. Contact us by phone or Email to place orders.

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My family loves their meat. Its also alot healthier.Everybody needs to eat more natural foods. read the book Paleo Solution written by Robb Wolf

I recently purchase a 1/2 from this farm and we are pleased with the product we received. The service we received from the ranch was also exceptional.... [more]

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