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Tussock Sedge Farm specializes in red Angus beef cattle crossed with pure bred Devon Bulls, bred and born in the barns and on the pastures at our farm. The mothers and calves graze from April to October on our pastures where we use rotational grazing and natural fertilizers to ensure a healthy pasture and environment for our herd. No growth hormones or antibiotics have been given to our cattle.

Our farm, beginning in 2010, is totally marketing grass finished beef. This takes 6 months longer than when we previously added some corn to finish. We have been working for 4 years to select mother cows from our herds who have the best traits to finish on grass. We are also beginning to cross breed our red Angus mothers with a New Zealand Devon bull. Our goal for finished beef is 1000 to 1100 lbs live weight. We are direct marketing with a 12 lb. Sampler pack for $95.00 and 1/8th of a beef (44-48 lbs.) for $349.00. Beef shares are also available. Pick up at our farm in Blooming Glen. 215-257-4868.


Listing last updated on Mar 11, 2013

12 lb. Sampler (Ground, stew, roast, steaks) for $95.00. 1/8th beef (44-48 lbs.) for $349.00 ( 20 lbs. ground, 3 lbs. stew, 4 roasts (2-3 lbs each), 10-12 steaks. Chipped steak and 6 oz. burgers also available. 2012 Beef Shares available for 12 lb. Samplers (3) or 1/8th of a beef (2). See web site.

Tussock Sedge Farm, Blooming Glen, PA. Red Angus/Devon. No hormones or antibiotics. Natural fertilizers. Totally grass fed. From birth to slaughter on our farm. 215-257-4868.

Schedule and Location:

Sampler packs are available all the time.
1/8th of a beef is also available.
All steaks are boneless or bone in. Steak thickness is 1 inch.

Order and schedule pickup on website or by calling 215-257-4868. Open Tuesday afternoon and Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM. Call ahead.

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