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Our TGF Mirai sweet corn is a hybrid that has changed the meaning of sweet corn. Deemed the sweetest, most tender, and flavorful corn available by customers worldwide, TGF Mirai sweet corn was developed right here in Harvard, Illinois, USA.

In 1954 Grandpa and Grandma settled in Harvard and founded this very farm. We are proud to say that the third and fourth generations are following their successful path and adding great ideas of our own; all to keep our customers coming back to Twin Garden Farms for more TGF Mirai sweet corn.

But to us, we are more than just a farm. We are passionate about what we do. From developing and growing sweet corn seeds to harvesting fresh sweet corn and vegetables, we take genuine care in providing it all for you. Come visit us on the farm or at over 60 farmers' markets - throughout the Chicagoland area.

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Listing last updated on Jul 20, 2012

Twin Garden Farms takes pride in bringing the best sweet corn available to our customers. Satisfaction is guaranteed 100% !

Don't be fooled by other sweet corn, our TGF Mirai is identified by its extraordinary taste, texture, and tenderness unlike any other sweet corn available. Once you take your first bite of TGF Mirai you will never want to go back to regular sweet corn again!

Schedule and Location:

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Schedule and Location:

Open from 10:00am - 5:00pm daily
23017 Route 173, Harvard, IL 60033

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