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Our farm is committed to promoting environmentally friendly practices through the organic cultivation of non-genetically modified vegetables and fruits, the production of all-natural goods, and the breeding of heritage livestock and poultry breeds in an effort to support their conservation.

We are raising heritage breed chickens (Dominique and Rhode Island Red). Our hens roam freely on pasture and are fed a USDA certified100% organic feed without soy, scratching for greens and bugs is part of their everyday meal. We have fresh eggs for sale at the farm. They are USDA certified organic. Our eggs are of premium quality.

We raise a slow breed of broilers that take 12 weeks to maturity, all organic, all soy free. NO cornish cross. Our broilers are pastured, bugs, grass and Florida sunshine is part of their diet.

We also raise ducks for eggs and meat, our ducks roam freely and enjoy their own swimming pool, our duck eggs are certified organic and soy free.

Like our broilers, our Muscovy ducks are slow growers and take 12 to 14 weeks to maturity. The end result is an incredible quality of meat and taste.

At our farm we produce a full line of 100% natural preserves, made with fruits we grow or purchase from local growers. Our products contain no pectin, no preservatives, no coloring or any of the other "scary" stuff ... just fruits and organic sugar.

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Listing last updated on Nov 29, 2012

Our eggs are uniques .... Our hens are fed a soy free USDA certified organic feed. They are pastured, roam freely and scratch for greens and bugs all day long and just have fun being hens NO medications, NO hormones, NO sterioides. We are certifed organic.

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Since:  2009

Full Share:  $110 for 12 weeks

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Seaside Farmer's market every Saturday morning from 8am to 1pm (rain or shine)
Lake Ella's Grower Market, Tallahassee every other Wednesday, please check our web site calendar.

Schedule and Location:

No road stand, for order pick up please email us before coming and for produce availability.

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I just spent four of the most fun, hard working, informative, satisfying days of my life at Twin Oaks Farm. Renee the owner was a gracious and appreciative host.... [more]

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