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We are a family owned and operated farm. We currently raise both meat and laying chickens, dairy goats, meat goats and a Jersey. We also raise Californian/New Zealand rabbits for meat and purebred Mini Rex rabbits for pets. Just recently we have added 3 Pashmina goats to our herd and are looking forward to "harvesting" the fiber which will be available for sale as raw cashmere.

This past spring we started our first beehive. The spring, summer, and fall have gone well and we are looking at increasing to 4-5 hives by fall of next year. We will be harvesting the honey in July and look forward to having some to market.

Our dairy goats provide us with milk to drink and turn into soap. We currently produce both goat milk soap and old-fashioned hot-process soaps in a variety of scents. Currently available in the milk soap are unscented, citronella (to keep bugs away), oatmeal, Nitty Gritty (containing ground eggshells for that ground-in dirt), Cornmeal Scrub (a not-so-rough scrub), Tropical Delight (made with cocoa butter), and Lamb's Wool (made with lanolin for extra skin softening). We also have unscented, oatmeal, and cream soaps made with honey. In the hot-process line we have castile, a deodorizing Kitchen soap, a sunny Sunflower, Lavender, and the can't-do-without Hunter's soap. All of our soaps are made with vegetable oils, with the only animal product being the milk itself.

Due to NC laws restricting the sale of raw milk, we do not sell milk from our farm. If you would like to help us change that please consider contacting your representatives in Raleigh and encouraging them to open up the state to raw milk sales. Raw milk is available for sale in VA and SC.

We are currently out of Buff Orpington and Black Star chicks. Check back with us later.


Listing last updated on Apr 21, 2010

Fresh ungraded eggs $2.00/doz

Goats milk soap $4.00/bar

Hot-process soap $4.00/bar

Mini Rex rabbits call for availability/pricing

Knitted/crocheted dishcloths $4.00/each 3/$10

Fresh lettuce ( a mix of buttercrunch, romaine, red sail, and spinach) - mixture varies with product availability $3/8oz

Fresh herbs: Greek oregano, onion chives, lemon balm currently available $2/pkg packages average 2/3oz

Schedule and Location:

At our farm:
Fridays 10AM - 4PM
Saturdays 9AM - 4PM

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