Two Spoon Farm

Two Spoon Farm is a pasture based CSA. We have bi weekly distributions of fresh all- natural, pastured chicken. We also raise all-natural, grass-fed, Black Angus, beef, as-well as a heritage variety hogs. Tamworth pigs are known for their foraging abilities and they are given a few acres of forest in which to utilize these attributes. We finish the season with a fresh, all- natural Thanksgiving Turkey. We are dedicated to the sustainable use of our pasture and forest to provide healthy food for our community, while maintaining the ecological strength, diversity, and beauty of our natural landscape. We graze all of our animals in a complimentary rotation that benifits all the livestock and increases the fertility of the pasture. All supplimental feed is from a local family farm. It is free from GMO seed, pesticides, and preservitives. Our livestock is all-natural, no growth hormones, antibiotics, or any other harmfull subtances.

Listing last updated on Apr 2, 2009

Two Spoon Farm a pasture based CSA. Sign-up for 2009 season Grass-fed beef, Fresh pastured chicken, Free-range Pork, Thanksgiving Turkeys. All-natural and raised with love and integrity. Pownal, VT

Season:  June through December

Type:  single farm

Since:  2008

# of Shares:  60

Full Share:  Beef full share-$700 half a side or half share $375 an eighth of an animal. freezer packages Fresh Chicken share $400 for 2 fresh birds every other week june-oct or $200 for 1 fresh bird at pick-up All Natural Pork $320 half a side freezer package

1/2 Share:  as listed above

Work Req?  No

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