We are a cooperative CSA, meaning that many small farmers work together in ownership to group-buy and group-sell: this allows us the ability to compete against larger farmers and ranchers, and provide food at increasingly lower costs to you. It also means that you, as a buyer, also own the farm and ranch, and have a lot of control over our growing practices, prices and other business.

Together, our community of farmers and ranchers undertakes wild harvests and state-of-the-art agricultural methods to provide you affordable food and medicine with free home delivery, free training and other classes, and even ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook mixes and meals for the culinary challenged. Your membership also comes with a subscription to the newspaper, the Meadowlark Herald

The farmers and ranchers participate in group buy and sell through the Maia Cooperative, which owns TwoInTents CSA. Becoming a member of TwoInTents means that you can group buy because you are also a member of Maia, but does not let you participate in the group-sale: only farmers and ranchers who meet or exceed the high standards of the Maia Cooperative may group-sell in TwoInTents CSA.

According to Maia bylaws, TwoInTents sells and produces only beyond natural, beyond organic, and offers both wild and farm-grown and raised foods. No GMO's are allowed; all foods sold through TwoInTents meet or exceed Maia's bylaw requirements for production standards.


We are transitioning to zero-petrochemicals, 100% renewable energy, utilize primarily recycled materials in our farm buildings, treat our animals, both wild and domestic, with respect and love, reclaim the ecology in the lands about our farm, and provide training and classes to the public.

Our methods increase biodiversity and reclaim damaged and urban land for people and wildlife, but our ambitions to helping the world are larger than that: we are reforesting the hills with hundreds of trees planted every year, and reclamation efforts along the eroding creeks. Sometimes endangered or threatened species are able to return to our lands, as with the Rocky Mountain capshell snails. And yes, we still offer animal feeds.


You pick and choose what goes in your bucket or sack, and when you get buckets and sacks. Pay as you go. Whenever. Whatever. In your bucket or sack is also included a surprise every week, so you can try something new. Don't like surprises? Order by the pound. You have already supported the agriculture through the purchase of your membership. Membership costs $20 per share.

We have hundreds of products, let you pick and choose what goes in your order, and even let you become seasonal eaters by giving you the freedom to focus on your favorites.

You can easily skip weeks and hold them until the next week. Or next month. Or doomsday. Or give them to your friend. Or donate them to the poor. Unlike other CSA's you are not paying ahead: your investment through a purchase of stock supports these local farms.


We offer both home delivery and pick up options, as well as a farm stand.


Listing last updated on Dec 10, 2012

Do you eat food? You¢ï¿½?â„¢ll want toilet paper! Eat for less than $1 per meal. Clean up for next to nothing. From table to toilet, buying from your neighbors makes good fiscal sense, good common sense Call (720) 722-FARM

Season:  Year round

Type:  multiple farm

Since:  2012

# of Shares:  1000

Full Share:  $30/yr

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

By appointment only! Call us at (720) 722 FARM or email us at for more information on locations and what is in season... We also offer training in harvesting wild edible and medicinal plants.

Schedule and Location:

35635 County Road 160
Agate, CO 80101

Call and ask for directions - we're not on mapquest yet!

Hours change seasonally as the sunlight and temeprature change.

We provide wholesale and quantity discounts on all our products. Give us a call at (720) 722-FARM to schedule delivery of a sample!

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