offering all natural raised beef direct from the farm,fresh or frozen vacuum packaged

Listing last updated on Sep 25, 2014

All natural beef, raised on only grass, sunshine, and water, no gmo feed, no hormones,no herbicides, no pesticides,no antibiotics,USDA inspected, flash frozen, vacuum sealed , sold in individual cuts, burger, steaks, and roasts.
September 24, 2014 Current pricing, all items priced per lb, burger, and burger 1/3 lb patties come in 2lb packages, steaks1 to 2lb packages, and roasts 3 lb packages,

Burger $5lb
Burger Patties $6lb
Bottom round $8lb
Flat iron $10lb
Flank steak $11lb
Top round $11lb
Eye round steak$12lb
Sirloin tip steak $14lb
Sirloin strip steak $15lb
Porterhouse steak and Tbone steak $16lb
Delmonico steak $18lb
Fillet $20lb

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