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We raise three different rare breeds of sheep in order to produce fine wool fleeces and woolen goods, excellent meat, and top quality breeding stock for ourselves and our customers.

We take a lot of pride in how we treat and care for our animals. They are fed locally grown grains and forage and we have chosen breeds of sheep that are known for mild flavor. They live the best lives we are able to offer them!

We do not allow "on farm" slaughter and if transporting your own lambs you must have appropriate means to transport them. We have not put so much care into these animals just to watch them hog tied and thrown in the trunk of a car - just will NOT happen here. We have an excellent relationship with Bernthal's Meat Packing in Frankenmuth, Michigan and offer free transport to this facility. We feel very comfortable with their operation and encourage our customers to utilize their services. Customers pay Bernthal's for the meat processing directly when they pick up their processed lamb from them.

Visitors are welcome to the farm by appointment - we love to show off our livestock to those who want to see the fine animals who produce such wonderful food and fiber for us.

Purebred and registered breeding stock also available. We raise Natural Colored Merino, old style Border Cheviot, and Clun Forest sheep.

Know your farmer, know your food!!!


Listing last updated on Oct 3, 2011

AVAILABLE NOW!!! LOCAL - NATURAL - HUMANELY RAISED LAMB $2 a pound LIVE WEIGHT... so cost for a 2011 lamb would be somewhere between $160 and $200 per depending on weight. Buyer pays for processing directly. Delivery to Bernthal's Meat Packing in Frankenmuth is possible, we will have a group of lambs going for processing within the next month - FREE delivery possible at that time for a limited number of lambs.

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