Uncured Natural Meats, LLC

Juneau, Wisconsin

Uncured Natural Meats, LLC uses Wisconsin beef to make beef summer sausages, beef wieners, beef snacks, beef brats and beef bacon. Our product line continues to grow. Please check our web site for updated items.

We are dedicated to providing the public with the highest quality and the best tasting beef sausages. We use 100% grass-fed beef, organic or naturally raised beef, raised without antibiotics or hormones being given them. The spices are certified organic, The salt is Himalayan raw sea salt. We add one pound of salt for each 100 pounds of beef. That is only 1% of the sausages! There are a few products that have sugar in the recepie. We use organic dehydrated sugar cane and there is only 0.02% sugar in any of the sausages. The average fat content is 8%. Most sausage products have 40-60% fat.

We do not ever add nitrates/nitrites or any form of MSG. We do not use corn syrup, liquid smoke, animal by-products (all muscle meat), no fillers or pork. Our sausages are gluten-free and casein-free and flavor-full.

We also have a full selection of 100% grass-fed beef steaks and roasts.

Our other products are Alaskan Mariners Direct Wild Alaskan Salmon. Wild caught Alaskan salmon using an old fashioned bleeding technique so the salmon never has a fishy taste or smell. We have Sockeye, Coho, Pink salmon and Smoked salmon that is free of added nitrates/nitrite and MSG. We use water, Himalayan sea salt and hard wood smoke.


Listing last updated on May 20, 2009

Uncured Natural Meats, LLC, 100% Grass-Fed beef organic or natural raised beef. Beef sausages, beef snacks, beef wieners, beef brats & beef bacon. Using organic spices, Himalayan raw sea salt, a mineral rich salt, only 1% salt, & average 8% fat.

No added nitrates or MSG. No corn syrup, liquid smoke, animal by-products (all muscle meat), & no fillers. Gluten-Free & Casein-Free & Flavor-Full

We are dedicated to providing the best tasting, most healthy beef sausages on the market.

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