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Underground Magic Online is a family owned and operated worm farm. We employ a host of red wigglers, who happily reside in worm bins filled with newspaper, egg cartons and cardboard (they love pizza boxes). They spend their time munching on a healthy variety of fruits and vegetables, and enjoy special treats of corn meal and coffee grinds. Our kids have never used the excuse that the dog ate their homework, but we have been known to feed it to the worms.

We specialize in Underground Magic Worm Tea, which is nature's perfect plant food in liquid form. It will not burn your plants at any concentration, improves soil strucuture, is rich in nutrients, and contains natural plant growth hormones.

Listing last updated on Aug 14, 2008

Making your own worm tea is easy with Underground Magic Tea Bags! Each one is conveniently packaged to create a one gallon brew with billions of living microbes. Use them individually, or combine for larger batches. Individual bags are biodegradable muslin. Note: Actively Aerated Tea utilizes oxygen to cultivate billions of microbes. It has a limited shelf life and is most beneficial when FRESH. Microbes begin dying as the oxygen is consumed.

Schedule and Location:

Dallas residents can pick up freshly brewed tea on Saturdays 9am - Noon (place order by 5pm Wednesdays)

Schedule and Location:

Underground Magic Tea Bags are available online year round.

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