Upper Beaver Creek Ranch

We raise grass fed beef. No hormones, no steroids, no nothing! We have miniature Herefords and Low Line Angus cattle. The calves are born in May and June, and sent to the packing company in August, or there abouts. We sell only whole beef by the pound hanging weight. The price includes kill, cut, wrap. You pick up the boxes of frozen beef at the packer. Royal Gorge Packing is USDA inspected. Please know that our beef is very lean since we don't feed them grain of any sorts. However, if you should want to have a "corn" finish, we can do that for you for an additional small fee. We also have a limited number of registered calves for sale from time to time. Thank you.

Listing last updated on Nov 30, 2012

Natural, grass fed beef.

We sell directly to old and new customers. No middle person. Whole carcasses only. If you want a half or a quarter, please make those arrangements with a friend or associate.

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