Braising Like A Primordial Local

Ayrshire Farm - Upperville, Virginia

Classic braising has many techniques and definitions. A textbook definition: "a wet-roasting technique that slow cooks inexpensive cuts of meat, or even vegetables. The use of small amounts of moisture with cuts of beef, pork, and chicken break-down connective tissue and infuses the tenderized meat with aromatics added to the cooking liquid."

Braising Like a Primordial Local is a hands-on cooking class, Thursday, October 18th, 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the Ayrshire Farm Manor House, 21846 Trappe Road, Upperville Va, 20184

Instructor: Brian Lichorowic

Includes: Class Syllabus Interactive Instructions Unique side-dish preparation for each recipe Culinary and Apron Provided Plating instructions Q&A session with tastings and cocktails.

Seating is limited

Date: Oct 18, 2012
Start Time:6:00 PM
End Time:9:00 PM
Organized by:Ayrshire Farm
Address: 21846 Trappe Road
Upperville, VA 20184
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