Uprising Seeds and Uprising Organics Farm

Bellingham, Washington
Family Farm

We are a small diversified organic vegetable farm specializing in growing open pollinated and heirloom varities. Our interests lie in the re-distribuition of food to underserved communities as well as the remembering of seed saving for the future of food security based in regional stewardship of locally adapted plant varieties. As our name suggests, we see this work as a community revolt against the corporate hijacking of the seeds, placing them back in the hands of all people.

We Love what we do!

As of 2007 we are selling local open pollinated seed from the PNW.

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There's something very special about two young visionaries making their home in the Pacific Northwest and using their hearts to cultivate organics that feed communities-- and not just to feed communities that can afford it like restaurateurs or the wealthy that can drive out in their SUVs to spend their cold cash-- but because these two farmers have such a rich dedication to making their livelihood from their crop and hard work in their fields, Crystine Goldberg and her husband Brian Campbell accept food stamp credits from people who are just getting by.... [more]

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