Utica Loaves & Fish Co-op

Utica, New York

Utica Loaves & Fish Co-op

Home Grown and Fresh from the Farm!

We are part of the Wholeshare web-based storefront. We use local food producers as our suppliers. Food is ordered on-line and delivered four days later to a delivery site and is picked up there.

This is how it works: http://www.slideshare.net/leahjdouglas/learn-how-wholeshare-works-and-see-key-features-of-the-site-28975055

Our intent is to provide the best food available at the lowest cost possible. We are focusing on organic, locally grown and produced products that use earth-friendly growing practices and minimal processing. Producers and consumers are invited to contact us with questions on membership and services. Members can buy all kinds of foods via the online store.

Listing last updated on Jan 14, 2014

We are accepting members from the public for the 2014 season. Utica Loaves & Fish is a Local & Organic food buying Co-op. http://www.wholeshare.com/join/1354

Please contact Dae Anderson, Volunteer Coordinator (315 266 6502) for more information if necessary.

We cannot accept EBT (Food Stamps) and WIC coupons, FMNP coupons and Senior Nutritional Supplement coupons at this time.

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