Valley Farm: duck eggs and grass-fed beef and veal

Titusville, New Jersey
Family Farm

I'm a small scale part-time farmer trying to produce wholesome natural food from happy animals.

Eating duck eggs: I have heritage ducks for eggs (Khaki Campbell, Welsh Harlequin and India Runners). Duck eggs are an excellent solution for people with a chicken egg allergy. They are popular with chefs and bakers for their rich flavor and texture. Nutritionist like duck eggs for their high levels of Omega-3 oils, plus they have more vitamins and minerals then chicken eggs.

Some lay greenish eggs, others with a grey tint!. The ducks are free-range with access to a large pond, grass, bugs etc. I use no antibiotics, hormones, etc. They are protected from predators by Maremma Livestock Guardian dogs.

Your order is shipped promptly, from our nearby post office. We use USPS Priority Mail, 2 to 3 day delievery, for shipping your eggs anywhere in the continental US. Farm pick-up is also welcomed.

I have grass-fed Scottish Highland cows which produce very lean beef . The only medication I ever use are de-wormers which I believe are essential for the well-being of my cattle. I sell beef and veal by the piece as I know lots of people don't have large freezers!

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