Valley of Beruch

I began raising chickens in 2010 due to all the health scares from eggs produced commercially. I raise a variety of breeds specifically for their eggs. The chickens are free-range in fenced-in pastures and they enjoy the sunshine, green grass, "yummy" bugs and fresh air. They're fed a mix of premium feed (not organic) with organic treats/feed when financially able. Natural pest controls used. They're happy gals laying tasty and nutritious eggs. I also have limited number of duck eggs.

Listing last updated on Jan 26, 2014

Free-range pastured chicken and duck eggs

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Farm location 456 S. Jungle Road, Murphysboro IL 62966 Call to pick up your eggs or for delivery (limited delivery area)

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These are excellent eggs. They are well worth the money. It is good to visit this farm and see how good the chickens are cared for. As one who has raised both chickens and farm animals, I believe they can tell whether or not they are liked and, believe me these chickens are well liked. I also like the duck eggs.

One of my favorite foods is eggs. Getting eggs from my neighbor at the Valley of Beruch is one of the best choices I've made for the family. As an egg "Connoisseur" I can say that these eggs are larger, have more nutrients, flavor and color than "store bought" eggs.... [more]

I have been eating these eggs for the last few years. I walk past this farm every morning and see the chickens outside, eating healthy grass and bugs and having a great time.... [more]

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