Our Roots Run Deep: The Story of Valley Veggies

Both my husband, John, and I come from a long line of truck farmers, so it was a natural choice for us. We wanted to make sure our four children stayed out of trouble during their summer vacations from school, and we wanted them to be active (not sitting inside watching TV and playing video games).

When Valley Veggies began in 1997, it was nothing more than a small trailer and a small canopy at the end of our driveway. We offered just a small variety of produce: sweet corn, melons, tomatoes, and the like. Our children manned the canopy and waved at every passing vehicle to draw attention to the fledgling farm market. Within the next couple of years we upgraded to a larger temporary tent structure on a floor of wood chips. We offered a larger variety of produce.

In 2001 we offered starter plants for sale to the public for the first time. Early in this decade we acquired chickens and began selling certified omega-3 eggs. We also began carrying natural milk, ice cream, yogurt, and other dairy products. We acquired a freezer and, besides our own broiler chickens, we also carried naturally raised pork, beef, elk, and buffalo products.

Soon after this time, in 2003, I contracted West Nile Fever. In 2006 the effects of the virus culminated in heart failure. Valley Veggies was closed for about three years. In 2009, Valley Veggies reopened on a much smaller scale. Our children are now grown-up, and we rely on the labor of volunteers to a greater degree. We're offering more varieties of produce again; and, we added a pick your own patch of herbs and flowers.

We do offer tours and often have school age children come for a field trip. We are a family run farm that also have volunteers helping out with all the necessary things to keep the farm running. We offer a variety of heirloom vegetables and starter plants are for sale in the Spring.

We look forward to continuing to produce high quality, chemical-free produce for years to come!


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We are your source for fresh, local, chemical-free, sustainably grown vegetables.

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