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We raise Pastered Organic simply because that is the way we like to farm because of health reasons for us and our animals. We have raised Pastured Broilers in the past and really liked the quality of the meat! It is just so much more flavorful than conventional meat. We pasture our meat birds as soon as they are old enough to start grazing. We are offering regular fast-growing broilers and also old type slower growing broilers that have less white breast-meat and more brown leg meat. They also graze more.

We raise Organic Pastured Pork, rabbit, broilers, ducks and turkeys. We raise Large Black and Tamworth cross pigs. The Large Blacks are known for their marbled meat on pasture and the Tamworths are known to be good graziers and mothers. We offer meat CSAs and also a CSA Meat Special that is very popular with our customers! We also are offering to raise Organic Pastured Ready-to-Lay Pullets on contract for others. We also raise Heritage Bourbon Red Turkey's and regular white turkeys for customers. ( Call for special wholesale prices for your store or restaurant!)


Listing last updated on Feb 14, 2014

It is our goal to raise meat for others that we personally enjoy. We do not appreciate Bacteria laden, bland tasting, low nutrient, antibiotic laden meat! We are convinced from experience that there is a better choice and plan to offer that choice to others too! So call us to order some real meat and eggs that is not loaded with unhealthy products!

Season:  April through December

Type:  single farm

Since:  2012

# of Shares:  10

Full Share:  Meat Shares 3.5# Broiler $13.12 6# Broiler $16.23 " " 15# Broad-Breasted White Turkey $33.75 5.5# Red-Bro Broiler $17.85 18# Heritage Red Bourbon Turkey $58.50 150# of Pastured Pork $412.50

1/2 Share:  Each product can be purchased individually!

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Call to receive a list of meeting places as we have not decided on those yet! We are only 1 &1/2 hour from Madison!

Schedule and Location:

To be decided! Please call for meeting or pick-up location!

We offer Pastured Organic-Fed meat:
Broilers,Rabbits,Turkeys-Broad-Breasted White & a Heritage breed- Bourbon Reds, Pekin Ducks, Large Black & Tamworth cross Pork!

Also available this year:
Early Tomatoes, Mini-Head Lettuce, Grape tomatoes, Zucchini & Yellow Squash, Carrots. All available by the case.

We offer to raise All-Natural Organic-fed Pullets for you.

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