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"ELIMINATED MY NEED FOR SURGERY!"~Karen, MI. For the relief and healing of varicose veins, hemorrhoids, cellulite & bruising.

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Causes: Normally, valves in the vein keep blood moving forward toward the heart. With varicose veins, the valves do not function properly, allowing blood to pool in the vein causing it to enlarge. Varicose veins usually develop in the legs and in some instances other parts of the body such as face, arms and abdomen effecting mostly pregnant woman or people who stand for long periods of time.

Find Relief Now - with the best of healing herbs available in this well formulated Herbal Salve.


"I am amazed on how fast this varicose vein & Hemorrhoid herbal salve worked! In just 2 days of use I could see a noticeable difference! I have an extreme varicose vein problem; protruding swelling veins, pain all day long and itchiness.....NO MORE! My Varicose Veins are fading before my eyes with no more pain!I can't wait to see the results in 1 week of using this great herbal salve!" ---Karen Chassel, Michigan

Ingredients: Horsechestnut, Butcher's Broom, Calendula, Rue, Comfrey, St. Johnswort, yarrow, carrot seed Chamomile, Lavender, Sweet Almond Oil, Vit E Oil, Beeswax

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