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The first step in the production of Verity Meats Premium Natural products is the preparation of the soil. This is followed by the raising of crops and feedstuffs to feed the livestock

The crop production program followed by Verity Farms family farmers is the result of over 30 years of research and testing. Verity Farms producers take great pride in producing only the best for their crops and livestock.

We are not aware of any other natural meat company that holds itself to such high standards. Our biological farming program is responsible for this unprecedented accomplishment. Verity Meats standards require:

Soil * Cleansed required before allowed into Verity Program * Sampled and tested initially for chemical residue (304 known carcinogens) * Follow up sampling and testing to assure compliance

Crops/Grains/Forages * Soil approval required before allowed into Verity Program * Only use non-GMO seed * Sampled and tested annually for chemical residue (304 known carcinogens)

Livestock * Fed a diet of non-GMO derived feedstuffs from tested soils for specified number of days * No Antibiotics * No Added Hormones** * No Growth Promotants * No Animal By-Products * Only livestock U.S. origin


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I got a chance to try some Verity Beef and it was amazing. So tender and tasted amazing. Did not need a whole lot of spice because the texture and flavor of the meat was unlike anything you normally taste.... [more]

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