Vermicompost - 5 Pounds

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Vermicompost - 5 Pounds

Our vermicompost is screened to 1/4" and ready for use indoors or outdoors, giving your soil the nutrients and microbes it needs.

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Our famous vermicompost ships Priority Mail to you. Bagged and ready for use in your garden, home, or anywhere else you want to put it.

Vermicompost is one of the best natural materials on the planet for growing plants. It's the Platinum of soil amendments. And just like hard working miners toiling for Platinum, we work really long and hard to make some great vermicompost.

It starts outdoors in our aerated static pile compost piles. After 3-4 weeks of composting, we dig into those piles and pull out some partially composted material for our worm bins. Our piles have been at 140F for atleast 72 hours straight, killing any pathogens or weed seeds in the material.

The material then spends a month in our worm bins where thousands of worms work their magic. Finally, we harvest, screen, and bag the material for your use.

All products are made with 100% local and sustainable materials.