Victoria Rhubarb Seeds - Organic

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Victoria  Rhubarb Seeds - Organic

Rhubarb can be grown as an annual from seed in areas that have a cool season (like a cool winter in the southern parts of the US)

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Growing Rhubarb From Seeds:

Rhubarb plants may be started from seed. Plants started from seed typically take 2 years to get a harvest, although in the proper climate one can get satisfactory results in one growing season. It is best to propagate with planting divisions obtained from splitting the crowns as described in the next section.

Soak the seeds in water for a few hours before planting. Plant the seeds in a suitable planting mixture. These seeds were sown in a commercially available mixture, 2 seeds per pot. Rhubarb seeds germinate quickly. You could plant them outside in early April.

Plant them in a mixture of 50% compost and 50% garden soil. Protect the seedlings from the bright sun. Rather than harden off the seedlings by gradually increasing their exposure to sunlight.

Be careful to not over water it as rhubarb can get root rot if the ground is too wet.

ECHO ("Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization") has claimed good luck with planting rhubarb seed in August and harvesting in March-May. Seed grown rhubarb will have fewer plants with the intense red color stems we are used to, but tasting a pie grown from subtropical rhubarb can help one overlook that quickly! You will probably get a mix of plant colors ranging from green through pink with a few plants with red or partly red stems.

References: TheComplete Book of Plant Propagation Graham Clarke; Test-Tube Rhubarb by A.R. Jamieson.

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