When just the idea of having a vegetable garden isn't enough, we'll do the dirty work! I will come and give you an estimate for the garden that suits your needs. From there, I will prepare the soil (till, test, and fertilize), plant the vegetables that you choose, and then you're off!

You will be responsible for the general needs of your garden. Watering, weeding, and harvesting are up to you! I would return on a monthly basis to run a small tiller between rows, check plant growth and progress, monitor any pest activity (insects, animals, disease), make recommendations and suggestions to help improve the health and harvest of your garden.

Also offered are options for fencing around your garden. From basic wire fencing for function only, to elaborate trellis', arbors, swings, and more! Everything is available to make your vegetable gardening experience more enjoyable!

Listing last updated on Mar 19, 2012

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