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My wife and I are third generation dairy farmers. After we married, we operated a grade A grass based dairy farm using rotational grazing. We continued milking from 1980 until we sold our herd in 2003. Since we value fresh raw milk for our own table use, we kept a family cow.

Recently we expanded the herd for the benefit of people in our local community who also value raw milk but are unable to care for cows. Our herd share lease program is a practical resource in our community.

It isn't legal to sell raw milk for human consumption in the Commonwealth of Virginia, because Virginia follows FDA regulations regarding raw milk sales. Raw milk from cows you own or lease is not regulated in the same way if it isn't sold. Our herd share program is an opportunity to lease shared interest in milk cows.


Just complete our Herd Share Lease and Boarding Agreement, pay the fees and the milk from your cow share is yours. (request a form) Our boarding fee (March 2013) is $90 per calendar quarter for each share which includes care and handling for a gallon of your milk each week.


Since we began farming, we have been interested in environmental stewardship. Herd care products, soil amendments, and cleaning products are selected to improve the farm, and yes, milk quality and family health. We practice rotational grazing for the benefit of our livestock, soil, and grass.


We feed, shelter, milk, breed, and provide healthcare for your herd share using natural products to maintain quality milk production, and replace cows as necessary to maintain your share interest. Good dairy farming (much like good parenting) requires always being on duty.


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