Vista Hermosa

Vista Hermosa is located on John Hill Rd. in the town of Caton. At this time we raise Cornish Rock chickens and have started raising grass fed beef. Chickens are ready!!They average 6lbs. Compare with your local super market and then send me an email. I'm sure you will be pleased with the product.

Listing last updated on Oct 2, 2014

The chicks are started on non-medicated chick starter then after two weeks put in a floorless movable pen that gets moved daily to fresh grass, bugs, fresh air, and all the sun light they can absorb. They also have non-medicated grain in front of them 24/7. We do not use commercial fertilizers on the fields or hormones to make these chicks grow faster. This is the best chicken you will ever have.

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My family and I had the most delicious chicken we have had in years from Vista Hermosa Farm. The bird was so tender and juicy. The flavor was terific! Now we know what chicken that is grown in a natural enviornment tastes like.... [more]

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