VITEX Tincture, 2 oz.

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VITEX Tincture, 2 oz.

Ancient VITEX or ChasteTree Berry tincture-traditionally used as a female hormone balancer. Incredibly effective. Take 2x daily.

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(ALWAYS Consult your physician before using herbal extracts).

Vitex Angus Castus is also known as CHASTE TREE Berry. It has more than a 1000 year history as a traditonal women's balancer. Made from Vitex berries & alcohol in the time honored tradition of herbal tincturing, it tastes bitter, but worth it!

Our best selling tincture...Herbalist Carol Joyce has taken it daily for the past 13 years & feels WAY better for it!

2 oz amber dropper bottle. Must be taken regularly & as directed to be effective. Check it out!

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