Wacholz Farm Grass-fed Meats

Wacholz Farm offers 100% grass-fed beef and Pastured pork. We raise North Devon/South poll cattle and sell by the quarter,halves, and whole. Our cattle receive only grass, sunshine and water. NO grain, vaccines, hormones, or antibiotics are given. If your looking for high quality nutrition with high quality taste then try our beef. Our beef is seasonal from July-December. Call to reserve!

Heritage pastured pork is also available in half and whole hogs. Our hogs have full access to the outdoors to graze, root, and roam. Letting hogs express themselves on soil is truly a difference maker for their health and meat quality. Pastured pork is packed with nutrients and has a wonderful juicy tenderness. Our hogs are fed NO GMO grain, soy products,or drugs. Our focus is to provide you slow food done right. Reserve your soy- free pork today!

Listing last updated on Apr 11, 2013

Know Your Nutrition Grass-fed Meats!

Grass-Fed Beef- Sold In Quarters,Halves,and Wholes. Available July-November. Reserve now!

Pastured Pork- Sold in Halves and Whole. Available Year round, Call to reserve!

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We have been buying from Cazzi Wacholz for four years. We purchase both grass fed beef and pastured pork every year. The pork is a revelation. Once you have this pork you will never be able to go back to pork from the supermarket.... [more]

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